‘Café Art Shop’

Our Products

Cafe Late

To make it;Espresso coffee is combined with hot or boiled milk & cover with milk foam. Cafe Late are usually served in tall cups or glasses.


Cappuccino is a Coffee drink, made from a combination of Espresso (single shot or double) & steam milk. Italian Cappuccino is traditionally served in 150 to 180 ml cups.

Black Coffee

Drinking “Black Coffee” increases mood. Black Coffee will help you when you frustrated, overindulged or angry. we all need a certain amount if caffeine,don’t we?

How to brew

Boil Water

Boil The water to the desired size using kettle or some things similar

Take Instant Coffee

Take on to two spoons (per cup) of Instant coffee. (to enjoy life more, smell it deeply

Stire the Coffee

Pour your Instant Coffee in to a cup of boiling water and stir it gently.

Caffeine Supply

Keep calm, putting foot on foot, enjoy drinking effortless Coffee.

About ‘Café Art Shop’

As a company, we have the honour to play a part in food industry in Middle East and we have committed ourselves to provide the best quality for our customers. It has been over a decade that Café Art Company has recruited the most qualified personnel in order to top the chart in business. Therefore, our achievements are the remarkable documents to exhibit on the wall of triumph. Furthermore, we have always examined the needs and weaknesses to find an excuse to cover. Since the balance of market has been our first priority in market. First, we started with raw materials in various fields of food industry, then we have moved to luxurious brands. We have focused on instant coffee over last ten years and we have discovered a brand new quality accompanying eye-catching design called ‘Café Art Shop’.

Less Time to prepare

You only need one minute to prepare instant coffee

Less Cost

You do not need a special fee to have instant coffee

No Accessories

You do not need any special accessories to have instant coffee.

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